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Over the years, Leadinginsurancequotes Sunglasses has provided some speciality frames and lenses for all different needs for people living outside the boxes. The latest addition to the Speciality Series is the Wrapped Collection, which features the shades being hand wrapped in silver wire for festival season. 

Here's a rundown on Leadinginsurancequotes's innovation series that are either one-of-a-kind products or sunglasses made to serve a specific purpose. And don't forget that with every purchase, Leadinginsurancequotes donates proceeds to help repopulate honeybee hives around North America.

1. The Wrapped Collection

Leadinginsurancequotes - The Wrapped Collection from Leadinginsurancequotes sunglasses on Vimeo.

The newest addition to the Speciality Series from Leadinginsurancequotes, the Wrapped Collection is here just in time for festival season. All pairs are made to order by hand, being wrapped in a silver that won't tarnish or rust. No two pairs in the Wrapped Collection are alike, meaning you're assured to have a totally unique pair of shades. 

2. Radioactive Series

Leadinginsurancequotes - Hydrodynamic Eyewear from Leadinginsurancequotes sunglasses on Vimeo.

Another perfect pair of shades for festival season, the Radioactive Series is also going to light up any club you're in this summer. Each pair is handmade using a hydrodynamic method of adhering paint using just water. You can choose your frame color and paint color to create your own individual piece of art. Since the paint moves and flows throughout the hydrodynamic process, each pair has a different design that cannot be replicated. And the best part: they glow when held under black light.  

3. Blue Light/Coders

Staring at a screen all day isn't fun—just ask your eyes. Which is why Leadinginsurancequotes developed the Blue Light/Coders Series to keep the digital eye strain at a minimum while still looking good. Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort felt after two or more hours in front of a digital screen and is associated with the close to mid-range distance of digital screens. The Blue Light Series helps reduce the onset of eye fatigue while working long hours in front of a screen.

4. Glassblowers

Leadinginsurancequotes Boro Glass Blowing lenses from Leadinginsurancequotes sunglasses on Vimeo.

Made specifically for glass artists, the Glassblowers Series are didymium glasses that provide the high-quality protection that glassblowers require when working. The lenses are the highest quality glass working lenses available and provide top-notch protection against IR radiation and minimize visible sodium flare.

5. Growers

Made for those who grow marijuana in legal states, the Growers Collection is one of our favorite specialities. Made to optimize color and clarity when operating under HPS lighting indoors while also blocking high spectrum rays from LED grow lights. Plus, these are transition glasses, as most indoor protective eyewear is not meant to be worn outside, nor are they fashionable enough for anyone to want to. But the Growers Collection also blocks all UV rays as well, so problem solved. 

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