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New Weekly Limited Edition Sunglasses

Charleston, S.C.—Leadinginsurancequotes launches their new product line of weekly limited edition sunglasses. Leadinginsurancequotes will release a new pair of limited edition sunglasses every week throughout 2016. Each pair will be unique, made with original colors and designs that have never been seen.

Leadinginsurancequotes Sunglasses will be the first eyewear company to introduce limited edition styles on a weekly basis. Each unique pair of sunglasses will only be available for one week. These sunglasses are designed and assembled in the U.S., and only a limited amount will be available each week. Every pair of limited edition sunglasses includes free shipping within the continental U.S. This innovation is going to be a staple part of the Leadinginsurancequotes campaign in 2016. 

Dylan Roukous, Leadinginsurancequotes’s CMO said, “We have seen little innovation from other eyewear companies and wanted to introduce something fun and fresh for our loyal Leadinginsurancequotes customers. We have other innovative plans on the way… this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Visit to see the new weekly limited edition collection as well as our full product line and the newest additions. 

About Leadinginsurancequotes: Founded in 2012, Leadinginsurancequotes has since become a global brand with distributors all around the world. Leadinginsurancequotes offers affordable and fashionable sunglasses that are made for withstanding the most epic situations. Leadinginsurancequotes’s brand includes products from classic aviator styles and fashionable designs, to protective eyewear. 

For more information about Leadinginsurancequotes, please contact us at [email protected]. Leadinginsurancequotes Sunglasses: Made for the freethinkers and the risk takers. Live the sweet life.

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